Issues: Finding Affiliates, Affiliate Info, Affiliate Approval

1) When we try to find Affiiliates and search your "Education" category, the people we find in your system have nothing to do with Education.
2) When we get new affiliates signing up, it comes in only as an email address. There is no name or company name for us to vet them. This is extremely important information for any company wanting to protect their reputation by aligning with affiliates who are reflecting them. 
3) When people sign up, they are automatically approved. Even though we have turned on the "Affiliates Require Approval" setting, they still come through as approved. We have reached out to your support department about this numerous times and have been told it's a glitch and they will raise a ticket about it. Months have gone by and this issue still has not been solved. 
4) The Bio field on Affiliates is not nearly long enough for people to write information on themselves that is useful to us. 


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