need to assume new signups know NOTHING


I found out that when someone responds to an INVITE link, they are automatically taken into their account with no password needed. That's fine.  But the confusion comes in when IF that new affiliate fails to notice the email and dropdown on the top where it says "Set Password", they won't know to do that.  There is NO prompt to add their password.  

So if the Affiliate closes out and tries to log in again, they will be prompted to provide their email address for the system to send them a link to login.  Really?  That's counter productive and some people may never notice the "Set or Reset Password" and so think this is how they log in each time.

This happened to a recent affiliate who was confused.

Can you simply have the system prompt a new signup to set their password?  Right now in the interim I am going to have to add this simple bit of instruction in the Instructions page.  I will add my video as well.

I love the simplicity of the system, but we need to ASSUME they know NOTHING when they log into the system.  

Can this be added?

Thank you,

Ron Holt

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