Automated Emails/Affiliate Rejections

Allow the "from" to display the company name. It only displays the email address of who it's coming from. 


Create an automated rejection email. If you reject an affiliate the potential affiliate will never know because there is no email that notifies them in the automated emails. You would have to contact them off of the platform. - If you do reject an affiliate within the platform and that affiliate comes back later to sign up again it tells them on the sign-up page they are already an existing affiliate prompting them to send a sign in link to themselves which neither is true leaving the affiliate confused and unable to sign up again because it says they already exist in the system. Rejected affiliates are being remembered within the system not allowing them to sign up with the same email again.  


Allow personalization (first name) on ALL automated emails. This function is only available on some automated emails. Most importantly it's missing from the affiliate first acceptance email. 


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