Option to Pay Affiliates "Royalties" (commission even when their link isn't followed)

Here's what I'd LOVE LeadDyno to make happen...
Under your "Settings" > "Affiliate Settings" tabs, could you add a checkmark, something like: Do you want Affiliates to receive "Royalties" for the SKU they are associated to - even when Affiliates didn't bring in the traffic.  Why?  This allows my Affiliates to get paid commissions (or Royalties) every time their "custom product" is sold on my site.  So even when people don't follow the Affliates' link per say  - they still get commission/royalties for it. 
Affiliatly (another Affiliate App) has this feature, and I'd LOVE LeadDyno to have it!!!  Here's the reasoning behind it and why it's so appealing to me:

SKU tracking

Tracking by SKU is a versatile tracking method which allows you to set specific rules for tracking particular products such as allowing or disabling certain products, paying royalties to your affiliates, and setting per product commissions. It is an addition to the other tracking methods and cannot be used on its own.

These are the main settings for SKU tracking (they are located in Settings > Tracking > "SKU settings"):

  • Allow or disable commission for selected SKU only – You can choose to allow or disable commissions for specific products. List the products in the corresponding field, separated by commas. If you use only the “Allowed SKU” field, all the other SKUs will be disabled and vice versa.
  • Set different commission for specific SKU – Use this option to set a specific commission for particular products. You can enter multiple SKUs per row, separated by commas.
  • Associate SKU with affiliates – If you need to pay an affiliate for each sale of an item, regardless whether it is referred or not, you can use this option. It can be especially useful to calculate royalties for the designers of the products or the copyright holders, for example. You can enter multiple SKUs and IDs in each row, separated by commas.


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