Pinterest media using picture url

When i create a new content for Pinterest there are 4 fields to fill: 
-Internal Content Title 
-Pin Target URL 
-Pick Image To Pin 
In the last one i can choose a picture from my computer and it will be generated an url for it. 
After that when i save content your system will generate a link to be shared that is composed as follow: "https://it.pinterest.com/pin/create/button/?description=" MESSAGE field "&media=" PICK IMAGE TO PIN field "&url=" PIN TARGET URL field. 
My question is about the image and the pick image to pin field. The thing i am trying to do is to add an url image instead of use one on my computer. 
I saw it is possible to use the "&media=" target in the pin target url to do that, but when i go to share the pin it will be encoded and instead of "&media=" the output is %26media%3D. Let me give an exemple. 
-Internal Content Title = Title for pin 
-Pin Target URL = www.sorbuzz.com&media=https://pictureURL.jpg 
-Message : see our product 
-Pick Image To Pin (EMPTY) 
When i will share this content, the result is this link: 
if i try to manually change %26media%3D to ?media= the result is perfect, i will be able to upload picture by url. So the problem is that the url is encoded and i have asked for your support in order to obtain a string to add to pin target url field in order to say to your endoding script to bypass this piece of string. This is it. I hope i was clear. 
Thanks a lot


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